Thursday, May 5, 2016

31 Days of Blogging // Day 5: My Guilty Pleasure

Hello everyone!  I'm here today to bring you something top secret: my guilty pleasure!  We all have little things we do that we don't necessarily like to tell people simply because it may be embarrassing.

Well, I'm going to bare all and tell you mine. I enjoy reading and writing fanfiction.  I know, most of you are probably thinking "what is that?" Those of you who know what it is might be judging me a little bit, but I've come to terms with myself and that's okay!

Fanfiction is basically stories that people write about existing characters and worlds.  For example: think of your favorite TV show. Think of the characters that you love to see as a couple.  Chances are there are other people who like the same thing so much that they write their own stories about it!

There's really not a specific set of shows, movies, books, etc. that are used in fanfiction. There are so many different genres and worlds and couples that people love, fanfiction is endless.

I think the reason it's a guilty pleasure of mine simply comes from the stigma that may be associated with people who write/enjoy fanfiction.  When people think of it, they likely think of the weird basement dwellers who do nothing but play video games and watch anime all the time.  You don't think of the normal people like me doing it!

For me personally it comes from my love of writing but my inability to create characters I really enjoy.   I use fanfiction as a creative outlet for myself, kind of like this blog. Instead of writing about myself and beauty, however, I'm writing creative stories about characters instead!

Well, that's it!  If you want to share your guilty pleasure, feel free.  I'd love to read whatever you have to say; who knows, maybe we share something in common!

The Cornfed Princess

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