Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Beauty Box 5: November 2015

Hello, hello!  It's time for my unboxing for November's Beauty Box 5! 
Beauty Box 5 remains a favorite subscription of mine, and I just renewed my next three months, yay!  This month's theme was "Back to Basics" essentially, and included some pretty great products this month.
Here's everything from this month; let's go into the product breakdown now!

LA Fresh good day. Day Moisturizer
(SS: .5 oz / $11.76) (FS: 1.7 oz / $40.00)
This is a pretty good sized sample! I own a lot of moisturizers, so I don't want to open this one up just yet, but I'll let you guys know what I think when I do!  This is supposed to be a pretty clean ingredient list.  This is definitely on the pricier side, so I'm kind of hoping I don't fall in love with it or something like that.

Kaunis Anti-Aging Facial Mask
(FS: $14.95)
Guys, I love sheet masks.  To me, they are the lazy girl's ideal way of taking care of their face. That being said, at age 19 I feel like an anti-aging mask may be a little preemptive for me.  There were a few different varieties you could get, but I'm not 100% what they are.  I haven't used this yet, but as soon as I feel like pampering myself, I'll break this one out!

Altchek MD Eye Gel Pads
(SS: 2 treatments / $4.00) (FS: 10 treatments / $20.00)
These actually became my favorite product this month. I tried them out a few days after receiving them and immediately fell in love.  They go on more like a pore strip than a mask, with plastic on the back. You apply them and keep them on for at least half an hour before peeling them off.

You guys, these things work.  If you haven't had a chance to check out my Instagram picture of before and after, I'll link it here.  The dark circles I had going on before were seriously diminished in just half an hour of having these on. They felt really cool on the undereye area and very gel-like, which I like!

Taking them off didn't hurt at all, which is great, especially because the undereye is such a sensitive place.  And now here's a cute picture of me wearing them!
Fran Wilson MOODmatcher Luxe Twist Stick "Pink"
(FS: .1 oz / $8.00)
It's actually really funny how I got almost this exact same product in my Ipsy bag this month.  This one, however, is a bit more of a wearable, every day shade.  It's a light pink that looks quite pretty on.  The color will look different on everyone, as it reacts to body chemistry and becomes the best shade for you!  The swatch is below.
The All Natural Face Vegan Matte Cream Lip & Cheek Color "Dusky Rose"
(FS: $5.75)
Finally, everyone received this same blush.  It's supposed to be very "clean" makeup.  It's also a cream blush, which is something I've never really worked with before.  The color is a bit more brown than it looks in the pan, so I'm interested to see how it looks applied to the cheeks. The swatch shows it as very brown, though.  I'm not seeing a lot of pink.  I'm intrigued.
Here's the swatches!

I was more impressed with this box than last month's, but September is still my favorite!  I find the idea of BB5 to be an interesting one, in that they don't customize boxes based on your preferences.  It would definitely make finding color products a lot harder, as they have to be universal products. I personally think they're doing a pretty good job!

What do you guys think of this box?  What's your favorite product this time?  How amazing are those eye pads?! Let me know!

Hugs and Kisses,
The Cornfed Princess

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