Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lip Monthly: October 2015

Hey guys!  This is a different bag than the usual ones I do.
It's a little less popular than the traditional Ipsy and Birchbox subscriptions, but I wanted to still give it a shot and see how it measured up!

 It came in a cute little makeup bag (very Ipsy-like!), that was kind of brown and purple, with white detailing at the top.

It also has a card with the products and values on it, which is beating Ipsy in that department!

I do have to say, product-wise I give it to Ipsy, though!  It's not that the products I got are bad necessarily, but I'll get more into it later. For now, let's look at what I got! Please note, swatches are all at the bottom of the post!

Hikari Lip Crayon in "Mandarin"
(FS: $14)
As the name of the color might imply, this is an absolutely gorgeous shimmery orange coral color. I honestly loved it so much swatched on my hand that I had to try it on my lips.

Let's just say it didn't look nearly as pretty then.  It didn't apply well at all.  The color didn't show up on my lips, and all it did was add orange chunks literally in every crack on my lip. How disappointing.

Lord & Berry Lip Crayon in "Sensuel"
(FS: $16)
This is another very pretty shade!  It's a pretty basic looking red, but for some reason it just looks extra gorgeous.  I didn't try this one on my lips yet, and unlike the Hikari crayon, this one has to be sharpened. Boo!

Mica Beauty Lip Paint Pot in "Velvet Rose"
(FS: $14.95)
This is a darker shade of red than the Lord & Berry, and a bit more berry looking than it.  I really wish we could have gotten a brush or something to go with this, because quite frankly I do not want to stick my finger in this multiple times to get the amount of product I want on my lips. I haven't swatched this on my lips either; I'm terrible!

Pencil Me In Eyeliner in "Amethyst"
(FS: $6.99)
Honestly, I wasn't really happy to have gotten this.  It's an eyeliner.. in a lip makeup bag.  I mean, it's a really pretty color and all, but I just don't want an eyeliner in my lip bag.  It's a wooden pencil, and the cap has a sharpener on it, which is pretty nice because I don't own one just yet.  Not only that but I was already getting a purple eyeliner in my Ipsy bag. What are the chances of that?

Here are the swatches:
From the bottom to the top: Mica "Velvet Rose", Lord & Berry "Sensuel", Hikari "Mandarin", Pencil Me In "Amethyst".

The swatch for the purple eyeliner looks really odd in this picture.. it's a lot prettier looking than that.

I actually cancelled my subscription to this box simply because I just wasn't wowed by the products and honestly my $10 could probably go to somewhere else that'll serve me better.  I'm a little disappointed that the website claims 4-5 full size / deluxe sample size lip products, but as you can tell I only got 3, plus an eyeliner.

Not only that, but the colors are all so similar! I can't use the orangey looking one, so all I have are two reds that look very similar.  Plus, it was two lip crayons. The product variety wasn't the greatest and the colors didn't wow me this time around.  It claims a value of over $50 which is cool, but I just wasn't really impressed.

What do you think? Do you like this better than my other boxes? Which color was your favorite? Let me know!

Hugs and Kisses,
The Cornfed Princess

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