Saturday, October 24, 2015

Beauty Box 5: October 2015

Hello everyone!  So, my Beauty Box 5 finally arrived this month!  It's supposed to ship out on the 8th of every month, but due to a product arriving late, the boxes didn't go out until after the 15th!  On top of that my post office messed up on my box delivery so I got it even later, boo!
What is BeautyBox5?
BeautyBox5 is a monthly subscription service in which you receive 5 sample size and full sized products! It costs $12/month unless you order 3, 6, or 12 months at a time. If you do that, you receive a pretty nice discount! Sounds like a deal? Go check it out!

This month's theme was "Think Pink!" which is not surprising; everyone wants to support Breast Cancer Awareness this month!
I do have to say, BB5 did a great job with sticking to the theme this month. Every product I received was pink!  That being said, I was far less impressed with the box this month versus last month both value wise and product wise.

What's in my box this month?
Happy Hands HapyFace Makeup Cleansing Cloth
(FS: $3.99)
So, this is certainly the most interesting product I got in this box.  It's supposed to be machine washable and takes off your makeup with just water!  I'm going to be honest, I have yet to try it out!   I just keep using the makeup wipes I already own. However, if this thing does work I'll be sure to rave about it!

Ferro Cosmetics Pink Rhinestone Kabuki Brush
(FS: $25)
I was definitely most excited for this product! It's a cute little Kabuki Brush, and it is so soft. It's also absolutely beautiful. Pink and rhinestones, what more could a girl ask for?  The only complaint is that this brush is so little!  However, if it works there's no reason to argue.

Styli-Style Perfect Pout Long Lasting Balm Stick in "Mischievous Magenta"
(FS: $4.99)
This product is seriously so gorgeous!  Unfortunately when it arrived there was some of it on my cap as you can see, but the product itself was just fine otherwise.  The shade that I got was a very vibrant pink, almost purple looking, and stunning. A color I will definitely be wearing during this time of year, it is just gorgeous!
It's a lot more pigmented than most lip balms, which you wouldn't usually expect. It still feels very soft and nice on the lips, though. Very high quality from what I can tell!

Knotty Hair Ties
(FS: $4.00)
Good thing I love pink, otherwise I think I might have been very disappointed with this.  They are two knotted hair ties. While I can always use more hair ties, I have my trusty black ones that I use at all times and keep on my wrists. I just don't know if I'm ever going to get to using these is all.

Nubar Nail Polish Mini in "Pinktober"
(FS: $4.99)
I have to say, I'm most disappointed in this product this month. While it is 3 free, which is great, the formula left something to be desired.  It was very thin, and applied incredibly streaky and sheer. The watch below has three coats and there are still spots where you can see my nail showing through. I might have to try it out again and see if something's changed from last time, but for now I'm just not a fan.

Eh.  I'm really not too excited about everything that came in my my box this month. This isn't the only subscription I'm not crazy over this month, so maybe it's just because of the changing season or something, I don't know!  I'm most pumped about the lip balm honestly, because the color is just beautiful on me!

What do you guys think? Are you impressed with what I got? Was it a worse box than last month? Let me know!

Hugs and Kisses,
The Cornfed Princess

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