Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ipsy: October 2015

Do you know what this is?
This is Ipsy's mailer!  Yay, I'm so excited!  I didn't sign up in time last month to get the September bag (which sounded kind of bleh to me), so this is my first Ipsy bag!

What is Ipsy?
Ipsy is a monthly beauty subsciption box in which you receive 4-6 sample and full sized products inside a fashionable makeup bag!  It costs $10 a month with free shipping in the United States. Sound interesting? Check it out!
The bag this month was a super shiny gold, and the theme was "Alter Ego". I'm not really sure if any of MY products screamed alter ego, but hey, the picture on my card is pretty cool looking so I won't argue.
Surprise!  The back of the bag is a super shiny black.  I really enjoy the way the bag looks, so I'll definitely figure out some way to actually use it other than let it sit and rot in a drawer of mine.
Here's the overview of all my products for this month!  No more waiting, let's get into it!  Also, swatches for all my color products are at the bottom of the post!

What's in my Bag this month?

Lavanila Laboratories Pure Vanilla Deluxe Mini Roller Ball
(Full Size: .17oz / $12)
There are two ways that vanilla can smell.  It can smell super sweet and sugary, almost like a cupcake, or it can smell like this.  The website boasts that the scent is very sexy/sensual, and I would agree. It's not the sort of vanilla smell a kid would wear. This is the sort of smell you wear on a date with an attractive man.  It's got an almost "spicy" scent to it.  It's not a very strong vanilla smell at all, but the scent still works incredibly well.  I will most definitely be wearing this on day's that I want a little bit of a confidence boost, because you can't help but feel sexy with it on.

theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick "Committed"
(Sample Size: .04 oz / $2.72) (Full Size: .25 oz / $17)
This was one of two products we could have gotten from theBalm; the other was the Mary Lou-Manizer. Since I don't own any products like either one, I wasn't picky on what I would get.  First off, this product smells so good.  Like, it smells just like thin mints.  I could sniff it all day and stay happy. It applies really smoothly, but when I went to put it on I was confused. Why could I barely see it?  And then it hit me. This color, Committed, is almost the exact same color as my lips. It's a very pinky nude, and almost brown undertoned.  When it dried, it looked absolutely gorgeous. It's very long lasting and did not smear or come off for the rest of the day (about 5 hours).  

I've heard great things about theBalm, so I'm really excited that I got to try a product from them. Unfortunately, the sample size is tiny! It's the same size as my mini roller ball from Lavanila, which is a small fragrance sample. Boo!

 Balanced Guru Scrub Me Body Scrub
(Sample Size: 1 oz / $2.87) (Full Size: 8 oz / $22.99)
So I haven't tried this product yet, but I'm both excited and disgusted. I'm excited because I love body scrubs that are gritty; it makes me feel like I'm actually doing something. I'm disgusted because this product smells super earthly/herbal.  I like a little bit, but it's way overpowering.  I'll have to try it out before I put a final verdict on it, but for now, I remain on the fence.

Skone Cosmetics Pretty Eyes Eyeliner "Plum"
(Full Size: .19 oz / $15.00)
I'm glad I got an eyeliner, because I didn't have one before! (That is, until my Lip Monthly bag arrived.) The difference between the two is, this one feels very creamy, and is a super pretty violet shade. I wouldn't necessarily call this plum, because in my mind plum is a lot darker.  It's a little bit pinky purple, but a perfect fall color.  I'll be trying it out in the near future and putting a full review here later.

 DOSE Color Pill Nail Polish "Stormy"
(Full Size: .21 oz / $6.67)
I could NOT for the life of me find a value for this nail polish. The link on Ipsy's website leads you to StrangeBeautiful's website, but there was no store!  Prices on the three packs were $20 so I just went with that.

I thought at first that this would be a very blue shade, but it's actually a really nice purple color.  It matches surprisingly well with the eyeliner I got in this same bag (coincidence? maybe...).  I don't own any nail polishes in this color, so I'm super excited to try it out!
Messy painting and it's only one coat, but you get the idea.

From the bottom up: theBalm's liquid lipstick "Committed", and Skone's eyeliner "Plum".

I'm happy with what I got, but I'm a little sad about the lack of actual makeup products in the bag. I got a lipstick and an eyeliner, which is nice, but I want Ipsy to be my makeup bag!  I already have Birchbox for all skin/hair care products I could ever want.  I'm hoping next month is a little more makeup oriented, but I'll definitely still use every product I was given this month!

What did you get in your Ipsy bag? Are you happy with it? Is there something in my bag you wish you got? Let me know!

Hugs and Kisses,
The Cornfed Princess

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