Saturday, October 17, 2015

BirchBox: October 2015

Ahh, my Birchbox this month is here!
Every time I see this little pink box, I can't help but feel extremely excited about what's to come!

What is Birchbox?
Birchbox is a monthly subscription service in which you receive a variety of beauty product samples, ranging from hair, makeup, skin, and even lifestyle products!  It's $10 per month, and if you're interested, you can check it out here!

Speaking of pink boxes, look at this box! It's pink for breast cancer awareness month.

Here's the motivational little blurb that Birchbox put on their card.  I love seeing companies do things like this! 
My list of products, and it's a big one this time!!

Enough of that, let's get on to what we're all here for; the products!

What's in my box this month?

Borghese Fango Purificante Purifying Mud Mask for Face and Body
(Sample Size: 1 oz / $7.40) (Full Size: 5 oz / $37.00) 

I am in love with face masks, and I do NOT feel like I ever use them enough. I'm so excited to try this one out!  It's a HUGE sample size, too! I've read reviews that say this product works extremely well, as in don't-leave-it-on-for-too-long-or-it'll-hurt well.  I have some redness and icky pores that could use a little facial mask help though, so I'm pumped. Maybe I'll do a full review some other time of how it worked.

Juliette Has a Gun Gentlewoman
(Sample Size: .03 oz / $1.88) (Full Size: 1.6 oz / $100.00)
I really don't mind getting perfume samples because they're so different and fun (and expensive, look at the price on that!), but when I read the description for this one I wasn't so sure.  It mentions a lot about taking scents from men's cologne..?  If I wanted to smell like a man, I'd buy cologne and wear that.  Or better yet, just take my boyfriend's and use his. It'd be a lot cheaper then, too.

Well, I sprayed this and my first thoughts are accurate to how I really feel about the scent. It's initially kind of spicy, and then it smells like men's cologne. I really didn't get any sort of scent that made me think lady. It smells good and all, but it's just not for me.

Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner
(Sample Size: 2.5 oz / $7.40) (Full Size: 8.45 oz / $25.00)
(Sample Size: .4 oz / $1.37) (Full Size: 8.45 oz / $29.00)
I was excited to see that they sent me both the Shampoo AND the conditioner as separate products, but did not skip out on a different sample to compensate for both!  From what I've seen, this particular product has recently been reformulated.  It used to be pink, and now it's a very pretty lavender shade.  I'm most excited to see what it does with my frizz, because I have got a lot of that.

Visanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
(Sample Size: .7 oz / $5.63) (Full Size: 4.23 oz / $34.00)
I'd consider this product a face scrub, because when I went to feel a little bit of it, it was slightly grainy.  I really enjoyed it, because as you know, gritty scrubs make me feel like something is actually happening in my face and I'm not just paying money to put chemicals there.  This product has amazing reviews, and I have a super big sample size, so I'm really excited to see how it works!

Benefit Roller Lash Super-Curling & Lifting Mascara
(Sample Size: .1 oz / $8.00) (Full Size: .3 oz / $24.00)
The mascara was the sample choice this month, and there were FIVE to choose from!  Because I'm pretty inexperienced with makeup I decided to keep it a surprise as to what brand I got, but I was SO STOKED that I ended up getting one of the Benefit ones!
 This is the Benefit Roller Lash, and the idea is that it curls your eyelashes more than anything. As you see in the picture below, I naturally have incredibly thick and long eyelashes.  They aren't really straight, but the curl in them is pretty weak.
The eye on the left is natural, and the eye on the right has two coats of mascara on it.  It separated my lashes very nicely and lengthened AND curled!  I didn't do anything with my bottom lashes because that's not the look I was going for this time, but goodness me it's pretty. The mascara goes on smoothly and doesn't clump up.  Plus, it adds a nice dark color to my already dark lashes.  The best part for me though is that it washes off super easily, but doesn't smudge or flake at all!  I would absolutely buy this mascara for myself.

Wow, Birchbox really stepped it up this month sample size wise!  Granted, I didn't get any full size products this month, but with the samples being large enough for me to use a few times, I'm not worried about that at all!  It's far better than last month's tiny samples.  I did only get one makeup item, like last month, but the products I got are all ones I'd use.  Even though I don't like the man perfume, I'm probably still going to use it, just to get rid of it (I do things like that).

Have you tried any products? Do you want to try one?  Let me know!

Hugs and Kisses,
The Cornfed Princess

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