Saturday, October 10, 2015

Haul Time: Bath & Body Works Fall 2015

Hello everyone!  While I wait for my many subscription boxes to arrive (seriously, there's a TON), I figure I'd quickly show you guys what I found at Bath & Body Works!

I didn't get any fragrance mists because I already own about 10 too many, and it was the same way with lotions, so really I only got candles (my new obsession) and hand sanitizers.

Their fall collection isn't too bad, but I feel like it's a LOT of the same smell (pumpkin and apple). I guess it's kind of hard to get any other "fall" smell; I can't really think of much. It's just funny how they had 4 or 5 different pumpkin scents and 3 apple scents.  However, this is NOT me saying they were bad smells by any means!

Since I'm relatively poor and a college student who can't afford to spend a bunch on body products and candles (I already spend $30 on Beauty Boxes monthly) I only got a few things, but they were the absolute best!!

On to the products!

The first thing I got is a little bit obscure and not something I thought I'd get, but I actually love it. They're matches in a super cute box!  And, oddly enough, they smell pretty good. Like, only B&BW would be able to make their matches smell like an actual product.  However when they burn they still stink!  (Not their fault on that, though!)

The next thing I got were three mini candles! They were 3/$12 (originally $4.50) and all very different fragrances!  I love mini candles because they're far less commitment than a large one! I'm the kind of person that can't just leave stuff sitting around half used; I have to finish it all out then move on.

The scent on the left is Vanilla Bean.  It's exactly what it sounds like; a vanilla scented candle. I probably won't use it until after Christmas is done.  I have too many holiday themed candles to go through right now!

The middle scent is called Winter and let me tell you, if that season could have a smell this would be it. It smells fresh but also kind of pepperminty without being super overpowering. I don't even know, it's just so wonderful. It's light and festive all at once, and a new favorite of mine.

The scent on the right is Pumpkin Pecan Waffles.  This is one of three pumpkin variations that I bought this time around, and it smells amazing. The pecans actually smell more caramel than anything, and so it's pumpkin and caramel. Let's just say that is the most incredible combination ever.

I got a slightly larger jar for the next candle, which was Pumpkin Cupcake.  There wasn't really much of a "cupcake" smell (is that a thing?), it more reminded me of straight up pumpkin, but a lot sweeter. Not the same scent as pumpkin pecan waffles, though. More sugary, less caramel. Also, look at how cute the pumpkin on that lid is! Think pumpkin and vanilla.  The price in this was $12.50.

Okay, so remember how I said I was a poor college student? I still am, but this candle didn't give me a choice on buying it. It's the largest size you can get, the three wick, and a pricey little piece at $22.50 a candle.  However, I'm pretty sure my grandma burned a candle that smelled just like this or very similar, because I got major nostalgia sniffing it. The smell is red apple mixed with cinnamon, syrup, and the tiniest hint of pumpkin.

Finally, I bought size of their recently reformulated and repackaged hand sanitizers!  Two of them are Halloween themed, one is fall, two are Winter, and the last one is just a signature scent I fell in love with.  Each of these bad boys are $1.75, but there was a deal for 5/$6 when I got them!

Starting from the left again, the first scent is White Peach Chardonnay. This is a signature scent, and I love it. It's very peachy smelling, but not really super sweet.  It smells almost exactly like a peach wine would.  Looks like their choice in title was a good one!

The second scent is Harvest Mouse, a citrusy smell that related nothing to fall, but was put in super cute packaging!  It's very orangey, with a little hint of lemon in there. Such a great, fresh smell.

The third scent is Ghoul Friend, and that is my favorite packaging by far. If they had this smell in a candle I would have purchased it in a heartbeat.  It's a berry smell, but not raspberry.  Like, blackberries and blueberries. It's not super sweet, but it still smells like berry.

The fourth scent is called Boo, and is just a raspberry scent. It's a lot sweeter than Ghoul Friend, but equally as delightful.  There seems to be a theme of fruit scents in this list...

The fifth scent is Fresh Sparkling Snow. I don't really know how to describe it. It's light, and sweet.  A little fruity but more sweet than anything.  Either way, it's an absolute delight to smell!

The final scent is Dazzling Diamond, and it is my favorite out of the bunch.  Instead of the regular little beads, this one has super fine glitter in it. SO pretty! I'm obsessed with all things glittery, so I couldn't pass it up, plus is smells divine. It smells like laundry and candy. I know that sounds like the weirdest combination ever but it's like, fresh and sweet mixed into one fragrance. Man, I suck at describing smells.

There you have it!  I didn't get a ton of fall scents, but honestly there wasn't a great sale going on so most of the products were full price, and that's expensive. So I stuck with the ones I could not live without!

Have you smelled any of these scents before? Do you love one? Or maybe you hate one!  Let me know!

Hugs and Kisses
- The Cornfed Princess

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