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November 2016: In Review

Hey guys!  I decided that I really wanted to start giving you a monthly wrap up of a whole bunch of important-to-me aspects of my life.  I also thought it might be interesting to you, seeing what I've been up to!

I have a few categories that I will be sharing each month.  If you notice one category there one month, and not there the next, I didn't forget it!  I take them out if I haven't done anything with them.

Instead of sitting and explaining it any more, I'll just jump right into it!

This month I ended reading two books, and "starting" a third one.

 The first book was Misdiagnosed.  It was a very interesting autobiography about a woman who was diagnosed at a young age with a disability that affected her ability to walk.  She lived for this for 30 years until she was diagnosed again with the proper disease. She can now walk and live a normal life!  The reason I had started reading this was because I actually listened to her speak at my university.  I rated it 3.5/5 stars, and was happy with it.

The next book I read was L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad.  It's about a girl and her best friend, who move to Los Angeles to start a life there.  They meet a producer, who introduces them to reality TV.  There's not a whole lot more to describe this book, honestly. I did enjoy it though! It definitely gave a very chick lit vibe, and would be so good to read at the beach.  I hope I can find the second book soon! I have the third already.  I rated this 3.5/5 as well, and liked it.

Finally, I continued reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!  I've had this started since July, and I've enjoyed it, but I've been so busy doing a million other things, I haven't been paying attention to this.  It really is good, though! No rating, considering I haven't finished it yet.

If you guys are interested in more of the books I've read, check out my GoodReads and feel free to add me!

TV Shows
Honestly, this entire month was terrible for watching any sort of Netflix!  I only watched ONE episode of Gossip Girl (Season 2, Episode 22).  I really love the show, but Netflix is pushed to the back burners for everything else I want to get done.  Thankfully, winter break is upon me in a week, so that means free time to get ahead on my shows!

By far the largest category I have this month, and what will likely remain this way, is my haul throughout the month.  I don't put any of my food purchases on here, just items that are intended to last for a while or serve a purpose!  Some of these aren't just purchases, however. I do include things like gifts or items I received for free in here as well.

I bought AND received 12 books this month!   War & Peace, Half Way Home, and Habit Stacking were free on Amazon.  I purchased The Madman's Daughter, Tell Me Three Things, and Marked from Amazon on sale.  My mom bought The Poisonwood Bible, The Glass Castle, The Alchemist, Unbroken, and The Help from Goodwill for me.  Side note; if you guys want to buy books, go to your local thrift stores!  They have tons of books that are popular, and super cheap.  Finally, I also received Shadow Bright and Burning free for review. I'll be getting on that soon!

I had a couple purchases from TJ-Maxx this month!  I bought a picture frame that I couldn't say no to, and a small kit from Buxom that includes a mascara and bronzer!
  This is what the frame looks like with a picture in it!  I bought a set of 6 gallery pictures from TJ-Maxx a few months back, but never had good frames for it.  I was so happy to find this one, but it took about 4 different tries for me to find a picture I liked in it!  I do think I've found the one, however.
Here's a swatch of the bronzer. It might be something I use more as an eye shadow; this is super shimmery and a little orange. Still, a light hand might work!

Here's a pair of American Eagle flats my mom got me from Goodwill!  I haven't worn them yet; I think I might have gotten them a little too small, which is really disappointing!

Also for my feet, I got some gels!  I'm hoping they'll help with keeping my feet from falling off after a few long shifts.

From my grandma for Christmas (yes, we do it very early!), I got some fuzzy socks and 5 wax melts from Bath and Body Works.  I just got a plug-in warmer, so I'm hoping to use this when I move to my dorm since you aren't allowed to use candles.

At Target, I decided to get myself this mug, mostly because it was $3 and I'm obsessed with mugs.  Plus, white and gold with a quote? It's pretty much exactly what I live for.

From my Secret Sigma, I got some fuzzy socks, some little fairy lights, and some amazing chocolates!  They're homemade from her hometown. How sweet is that?

Finally (I know, right?) I got a few different, random items. First, I got two Watkins lotion samples from an event my University hosted, some Dollar Spot page flags, some discounted dry shampoo and Softlips lip balm from where I work, a random skincare sample from a kiosk in the mall, and finally I redeemed 500 Ipsy points for a liquid lipstick. I'm so excited to try all of this out!

Wow, has this month been busy for me!  I've had a lot of things happen that are going to shape the way my next semester is going to be, for one.  I got signed up for my spring classes, and I had two different interviews for some organizations I wanted to join in the spring.  I was chosen to be on the College of Business Dean's Advisory Board as an at-large member (so exciting!), but unfortunately I was not picked for a spot on Panhellenic.  It's for the best though, I'm sure, as I'm about to have a busy semester!

I had a couple different things happen in my sorority.  First, I was chosen to be on two committees (Events 1 and Education). Second, we had Initiation, so now I'm a full fledged member!  Finally, Panhellenic hosted an event called Foxy and Fierce, where we had a self-defense class. I really enjoyed hearing about it and practicing; it was interesting and definitely something I think more people should take seriously and take part in.

Finally, I had a few opportunities to speak on behalf of the college.  I gave campus tours to groups of students and their families, and I traveled to a nearby high school with a few other ambassadors and talked to them about what it was like to go to college.  I absolutely loved the experience and would definitely take the opportunity if it were presented again!

Of course, we had Thanksgiving, and I got to spend a lot of time with my family then!  It was wonderful having the chance to spend some time with my sister especially, who I don't see often.  I surprisingly didn't buy a single thing for Black Friday or go shopping, so yay for me!

Project Use it Up & Rolling Project Pan
I only used up two items this month; how disappointing.  However, I know that this month I'm about to add a whole lot of really exciting items I'm almost done with! 

I finished one item from my project use it up, and that was the Kaunis Anti-Aging mask.  It was a sheet mask, so not that difficult to get used, but I'm always bad about using even the easiest things.  With that, I have only two masks left in that project!

I also finished one item for my rolling project pan, which was my Olay Makeup Remover wipes.  Only 5 left before I complete that goal!

Posts Recap

Listening to...   

Finally, I want to share with you guys what I've been listening to on Spotify. It has almost exclusively been the King Arthur soundrack! I love that movie, and the soundtrack is fun to listen to while I'm trying to crank out my homework I decided to procrastinate on.  I also had a brief time where I listened to some piano ballads, which are also gorgeous and my other obsession.

So, what do you guys think?  What have you been up to this month? Let me know!

Hugs and Kisses,

The Cornfed Princess

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