Friday, November 4, 2016

Project Pan 2017 & Project Use it Up

Hello everyone!

So since about May of this year I have been super into the idea of project panning. Basically, project panning is focusing on using up your makeup by using certain items specifically until they're all gone!  I'm not sure what about it is so interesting to me, but something is.

As you guys know, I've been getting a lot of samples over the past year.  Like, way more samples than I could possibly use up right away.  Even after cancelling my Birchbox, I still get 3 other boxes a month!  This leads to a lot of samples, and a lot of things I want to try out.  Because of this, I have so many little items just sitting around and gathering dust.

I've decided to gather up all my samples from back in 2015 and make sure they all get used up in 2017!  As you can see, however, there are two different projects listed above.  That's because while these projects do work together in a way, they are still separate.

My project use it up is where I list specific items (in this case, the samples I received in 2015) and try to make sure they get used up throughout the time period.

My project pan 2017 is where I list a goal, or an amount, of items I want to use. For example, I want to use up 4 dry shampoos in 2017.  I don't have any specific dry shampoos to use up, so it's any 4.

If I happen to have items from each category in both projects, then it makes my life even easier! I know the pictures are a little hard to see, so if you're interested in more detailed items let me know and I can type them out onto the blog itself.  I mostly did this so you could see the set up!

My rolling project pan has 5 colors to mark each quarter of this project. I put a number behind each goal in the color equivalent to the quarter to show how many products I used up in that quarter.  I actually started this project in the beginning of October because I had this all set up and was so excited!

To track my lipsticks, eyeliners, and other stick products, I have this page of a notebook.  I held them up to the side of the page and measured the tip from the edge of the page. Each month I will do the same thing (if I've used the product) to track my progress.

I store the products I'm using specifically for my Project Use it Up in a mini organizer that has 3 drawers.

The bottom drawer holds the fragrances I want to use up this coming year.  I keep them all together so I don't have to dig through the rest of my samples for these specifically.

My middle drawer has my face products!  This includes my cream blush, highlighters, and the eight lipsticks I want to use up this year.

My top drawer holds my eye products.  I don't have any mascaras in my Use it Up, so it's just the mascara I currently have open.  It also includes the cream eye shadow sticks, my eyeliners, my eye shadows, and my Z-palette.

Finally, on top of the organizer is my skincare and haircare! I have it all in this cute little basket, again so I don't have to dig around to try and find what I can use.  On the side you can see the nail polishes in the project, but they actually just get set next to the organizer.

Well, that's all I have for you guys!  If you want a post specifically on the products I want to use up, let me know! I'd love to show swatches and where I got them from.

Have you ever tried to do a project use it up?  Do you have any of these same products? Let me know!

The Cornfed Princess

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