Friday, December 9, 2016

Sample Round Up: November 2016

Hey guys!

I feel like I'm playing catch up from November right now!  I was busier than I thought I would be and did a really bad job at posting anything for you with the exception of a few at the very beginning of the month.  I don't want to just not share what I got in November, though!

So, I decided that I'm going to just share with you all of the products that I got in one mass post!  I won't be going into a ton of detail with each product, simply because that would take way too long to read.  I'll give a general idea of what's in it, and what I thought of the subscription as a whole this month!

First of all, whoa. Look at all the samples/products I got this month!  Overall, I got 3 brushes, 4 lip products, 3 eye shadows, 2 mascaras, a nail polish, 2 makeup removers, a primer, a mask, a perfume, and a body scrub! That's plenty of brushes, and I'm pretty set on them for a while. I get at least one brush a month!  I also got a lip product in every box this month; but since lip stuff is my favorite, I have no complaints!

Let's just kick this post off with my Ipsy bag for this month!

This is definitely an interesting bag for me this month!  I'm not wowed necessarily, but I'm very interested to try everything out.  First, I got a body scrub, and I have no qualms with that; body scrubs are always nice to have!  I also got a Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.  I tried this once and was not impressed, but I did use it quite some time after it was opened so it may have been too dry to get a good impression. I'll try it again and give a full review.

I also got the Formula X nail polish in "Huntress". Now, in the bottle this looks like a green gold color but as you can tell by the swatch, it's not that color on the nail at all!  I got a Luxie brush, which again I'm not too blown away by, but I'll give it a fair shot; I've seen a lot of positive reviews about the brand as a whole. Finally, I got an Elizabeth Mott lip lacquer. I don't like glosses at all, but this color really is a pretty one, so I can maybe forgive, depending on what I think of it on my lips.

Here's the swatch of the nail polish! Like I said, it's not what I thought it would be, but I really like it! It's a pretty vampy looking teal color, so perfect for this time of year, especially if you're interested in dark nails but black is a little too much.

Here's the lip lacquer!  It's a gorgeous mid-tone pink that would be easy to wear a lot!  It was a little watery too, and not as sticky as I thought it might be.

Next, we have Beauty Box 5 for this month! Unlike the other two boxes, this one is the same box for everyone, while the other two are more specialized on a person to person basis.
Here we are!  I haven't been super impressed with BB5 lately, but I do think they're going back uphill in my book after this box.  First, there's the crease brush from the BB5 brand.  It's got an interesting shape if you look closely; the bristles are tapered.  We got a sample of the Briogeo Don't Despair hair mask, which I've already gotten twice so I'm not super crazy about it, but they can't all be winners!

Speaking of winners, the Manna Kadar lip gloss stain is definitely a winner.  It is a beautiful color and I'm super interested to see what it's like on the lips. It didn't feel super sticky and the formula reminded me more of a liquid lipstick!  Next was the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes, which I've heard tons of good things about so it's cool to try!  Finally, we got a little Eye Shadow trio.  I actually put the box in the picture too because I just love all things floral! It's too pretty to not show off at least at little bit.

Here are the swatches for the eye shadows and lip gloss.  The bottom swatch is the lightest shade and I'm not super impressed with the pigmentation; as you can see it's pretty subtle.  The brown and gold shades are just gorgeous, however, so yay for two out of three winners!  The gloss is at the top and like I said, it's really a pretty shade.

Finally, I'll talk about my Sephora Play!
The theme was "glow", and I think they did an awesome job matching the theme up for sure!  The only exception is the makeup remover, but it's awesome to have a chance to try it! It's from Estee Edit, a relatively new line focused more towards a younger audience by Estee Lauder. I got a Glam Glow mask, which is pretty great! I've heard mixed reviews on the quality, but I'm always for trying samples out.

The fragrance was Pop by Stella McCartney, which I've heard about, so it'll be interesting to see what I think of it later.  Next is the Sephora Lip Gel. This is honestly my least favorite product, simply because it's so sticky! I don't like lip glosses for that reason, so I'm not sure if this will be any good for me personally.  I got a CoverFX primer, and let me tell you guys, this sample is nearly empty and I haven't used it yet.  It's so pretty though!  Just the smallest dot definitely gave a really pretty glow.  Finally, I got the Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Shadow Stick in the rose gold color. Let me just say right now that it is lovely.  Check out the swatch of it; words can't explain much more.

I did try to swatch the primer, but unfortunately it didn't show up in the picture well. The bottom swatch is the lip gel.  It's a pretty pink color, but pretty sheer. The top swatch is the eye shadow. It's similar to another product I got this month, but this one definitely shows its quality!  The swatch was incredibly pigmented after just a few gentle swipes; wow!

And I did get a little bonus this month! I got the Grav3yardgirl BeautyCon box in the Spring, and they sent me a little package this month with a coupon code to reel me back in!  It probably won't change my mind because as you guys can tell I'm up to my ears in samples, but it was a really nice gesture!

I got 4 different products from them.  The coolest thing in my opinion in the Nyx Ombre lip pencil. The colors are out of my norm, but it's nice to have them in the off chance I'm feeling an orange lip.  I also got the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere.  I've heard of this in the shade Milk, which is the white version. I've also heard of this color, but not nearly as much.  I got a brush as well, which isn't super exciting because I have like 30 brushes now, but I can probably figure something out for it!  Finally, I got the brand new waterproof version of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I'm interested to see what I think of it, so I'm holding opinions until I try it.

The bottom swatch is the Nyx eye shadow crayon, and the top two are the two sides of the ombre lip pencil. I'm not crazy about the orange, but can we just talk about that red? It is beautiful!  I am in love with it; it looks like an intense cherry red color and I really think it's my favorite red I've seen in a while. I'll probably use this one on its own!

Well, that's it for November's beauty products!  I'm really excited to try all the products I got and give my review on them as I go.

What do you guys think? Do you get any of these boxes?  Let me know!

Hugs and Kisses,
The Cornfed Princess

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