Saturday, March 5, 2016

Weekly Goal Update: 3/4/16

Hi there, I'm going to post an update of some New Year's resolutions I created, and in order to keep myself on track and motivated, I'm going to do weekly updates showing myself the progress I'm making towards the goals!  I'm also going to leave an update whenever something from my bucket list gets completed!

Work out at least 3x a week.
For some reason, even though this is a goal that I really, really want to get started on, I have yet to do it at all!  My time management skills are severely lacking at this point when it comes to working out, so I still have to find good times for that.

Use planner daily & keep it updated.
This is one goal I think I have down!  I've been using sticker kits to really help keep me into using the planner and making it pretty and my own.  As for actually following what I write down, that's a different story..

Post blog post every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
Yeah, obviously that hasn't been going too well.  Life hit me so hard that I just kind of let this sit on the way back of the back burner. I'm trying to fix that now, though!

Wear makeup more often.
I just bought myself some Revlon Matte Lip Colors and I am in love with them. They are so darn pretty, I can't stop wearing them!  I wear mascara every once in a while, too. As for a full face, I haven't done much in the way of trying that out, but to be fair, I don't have a strong desire for foundation.  Baby steps, people! Lipstick and mascara.

Paint nails.
Unfortunately, this one is also a no!  They need to be cut and painted, I just have to get off my lazy butt and do it.

Create & follow a skincare routine.
I've finally started regularly using moisturizer, so I think I'm headed in the right direction with that.  I need to start introducing a good cleanser and some weekly masks, however, to really have a good skincare routine going!

Start to follow a bedtime (12; midnight).
I really have been trying. This week wasn't the greatest, and I've thrown off my sleep patterns because of that.  Hopefully I can fix it again soon because I was going to bed early and now I'm not (just to give an idea, I'm writing this at 12:15 at night..).

Wake up at a regular time (7:15am).
HA.  Let's just say I have been no where near close to this goal. I'm such a night owl that it's really hard to get myself to sleep at a good time and wake up at a somewhat early time. I haven't given up hope yet!

Attend all classes regularly.
Man, I wish I did this update any other week. I skipped a few classes this week, but I swear this is the first time I did it!  I also intend for it to be the last time I do it; I'm really disappointed in myself because it's been something I've been proud of.  Here's to holding myself accountable.

Keep desk cleared off.
I've slowly been decluttering it this week, and it's almost at a point where it's usable for its original purpose as a desk and not as a place to throw all the crap I don't know what to do with.

 Finish homework right away.
Again, this week was not a good one.  I've been trying to get ahead of the curve and do my homework early this semester but I'm not doing a good job at that.  I'm going to try and use this week as my rock bottom and get back to doing my homework early and not the day it's due.

Take vitamins/fish oil daily.
Since I bought myself gummy vitamins, it's been easy to take those when I get up in the morning. As for fish oil.. well, it's nasty and I can't seem to force myself to get it down.  I'll stick with the vitamins for now!

Eat breakfast every morning
While it's not really breakfast and more of a granola bar or pastry crisp from Special K, it's better than nothing.  I've been eating something in the morning, which is a good start. Maybe if I start waking up earlier I can move up to a bowl of cereal.

Keep room clean.
This is one I struggle with the most. I go through periods of extreme motivation to clean/do stuff, and then periods of absolutely zero desire to even look at anything but my laptop.  I've been trying to do a little each day in terms of cleaning up, so I'm getting there!

Read a chapter a day.
This is another one I'm really struggling with.  I love reading, and my current book is pretty interesting, so I'm not sure why it's so hard for me to do.  It probably has to do with my lack of time management, but I'll need to keep working on it.

Drink 8 cups of water a day.
I carry around an empty water bottle with me at all times, if that has anything to say about how I'm keeping up with my goal.

Watch finances more.
I haven't been doing a terrible job at this, but I also haven't been impressing myself with watching every single charge that gets put on my account, either.  I've at least been thinking about the purchases I'm making over just mindlessly spending a bunch of money, so cheers for that!

Do more DIY decorations.
Finally, one goal I've actually improved upon this week!  I've been doing some fun things with a square of corkboard, and while I'm not 100% sure where I want to go with it, it looks cute so far!  It's just got some decorations on it, mostly motivation quotes I got from Erin Condren, and this super pretty fabric that came from a shirt I obliterated in the washer on accident.

I completed two items from my bucket list on Pinterest!
This week was super good for me in terms of doing things I've wanted to do for a while!  Actually, Wednesday was the day I did them both, so yay for Wednesday!

I got my first iPhone, the 6s.  I'm absolutely in love with it, and it's so darn pretty and fun to use. I'm glad I finally hopped on that bandwagon!    

I also came up with a great idea for one of my Dollar Spot mason jars; I turned it into a memory jar!  That's been an item on my bucket list for a while, so I'm not sure why it took me so long to get it done, but I did!  I have a ton of cardstock I can use as well that I got as a Christmas present forever ago.

Well, that's it for my update!  What are your goals?  Are you inspired to complete yours by seeing other people complete theirs?

The Cornfed Princess

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