Sunday, March 27, 2016

Birchbox: March 2016

Hello, everyone!  My Birchbox has arrived and it is one I'm quite excited for!
First of all, how pretty is this box?  It is such a springy looking box, it makes me wish spring would come back. (There was a nasty snow storm this week!). Peach, light green/blue, and gold really are beautiful colors together.
The beautiful info card is here!  On the other side it has its cute little blurb about spring and what not.
I'm going to just jump right in to the good stuff!

Clarisonic "Sonic Radiance AM Skin Illuminating Cleanser"
Wow, what a name!  If you recognize the word Clarisonic, that's because they make those little devices that help clean your face, or at least make it easier to do.  I personally have never used one and was a little worried when I got this (I didn't think it was possible to use without the machine), but it's okay to use on its own, too. I have this cleanser on my rotation right now, so I'll get back to you guys with a review shortly.

Number 4 "Clarifying Shampoo" & "Reconstructing Masque"
I really enjoy getting shampoos in boxes because it means I don't have to go out and buy my own.  I haven't tried this stuff yet (I'm still getting through my Acure samples), but this one will probably be next.  I've seen good reviews on it and have heard good things about it, so yay!  I also appreciate that they included the cute little foil pack as a bonus item.

theBalm Cosmetics "Stainiac - Beauty Queen"
At first I thought that this would be red, and I wasn't super excited about it; I already have two red stains!  However, this is such a pretty pink shade instead, it's just lovely. I was a little worried something was wrong with my sample because it wasn't liquid, it was more of a gel. Turns out that's just the formula.  I'm not sure what the benefits of it being a gel are because I had to wipe off the excess, however I can say that the staying power of this is ridiculous. Swatch is below!

treStiQue "Color & Smudge Shadow Crayon - Aspen Pine"
I didn't get a good picture of the whole product packaging, which is so cute!  The cap looks like the makeup itself, which can make a good trick of the eye! You pull the cap off, however, and this is what's on the inside. Aspen Pine is a dark green color with a lot of shimmer in it.  I'm a little surprised with the color choice as this is a very fall color. Not really something I'm going to wear for a long time; not until October, probably, so a bit of a wasted product. Again, the swatch is below!

Wilma Schumann Skin Care "Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads"
I love eye pads! I haven't tried these ones out (I couldn't tell you why), but these are my favorite products to use!  I want to see if they'll help with my dark circles and puffiness because that's my biggest issue with my face.

The top is the crayon and below it is the color blended out a little bit; super sparkly!  The bottom swatch is the stain. As you can see, the gel is kind of hanging out there, in the way. I had to wipe it off with a towel, but likely if it's on the lips or cheeks it won't be so bad.

What do you guys think?  Which product is your favorite? Let me know!

The Cornfed Princess

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