Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Haul Time: Target Dollar Spot!

So, I obviously picked a great day to walk into Target.  They had just put in a ton of new $1 and $3 items in their Dollar Spot!  They also had some leftover school supplies on clearance for cheap. Obviously I had to take advantage of this, and so I bought quite a bit!  It was totally worth it, though.
3 bags full of stuff, plus a fan.  Ignore the fan, though.
It's kind of a long post today, but it was a great day to be shopping!  Check out what I got!

Starbucks Refresher
Okay, so this wasn't something in the dollar spot, but I had a coupon for it, and I love Starbucks, so I figured why not?  It wasn't bad, but holy cow you can definitely taste the pomegranate.
Mason Jar - $3
Look at how cute this is!  And It's pretty big, too. You can't really tell the size in the picture, but I'd say it's probably taller than a bottle of pop and a lot wider.  They had this polka dotted one, and one that was black with gold "mummy" stripes and a pair of eyes looking out at you. Creepy, but appropriately Halloween themed!

Thank You Notes - $1 each

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a slight addiction to all sorts of stationery. I could show you my collection, but then I'd have to admit I have a problem, and that's just not something I'm ready for quite yet.
Seriously, look at how cute these are!  Some of them have thank you written on them, and some of them are blank, so if you ever feel like just writing a snail mail letter to someone but want to keep it pretty you can!

Sticky Notes - $1 each
Okay, so I will admit that I own a few too many sticky note pads, but these were in such cute shapes, I couldn't pass them up!  That little chat bubble is so adorable.

Candle - $3
Conveniently, this is both the prettiest candle to look at and the best one to smell. I'm not a huge candle person honestly, but with one like this I think I can start!

Myndology Flash Cards - $.68
When I first went school supply shopping, I saw these and that they were awesome. However, being a poor college student, they were way out of my price range.  So when I saw these sitting in the clearance section, you bet I snatched them up super quick. The bottom one has two different shades of pink and purple in the middle, and the top one has red, orange, and yellow.  I am in love.

Boot Socks - $3
So I definitely know better than to expect great quality from socks that were $3 for 3 pairs, but I could not pass them up!  I love boot socks so much but they're ridiculously expensive. I'm hoping each pair will last me at least a few uses before they start getting cruddy.

Infinity Scarf - $3
This is kind of the same idea as the boot socks. For $3 I don't expect it to last for a long time, but I'm so in love with scarves and this is literally the perfect orange for fall. There was no leaving it behind.

Push Pins - $1
A little plain for my liking, but I want to put a motivation wall above my desk, and tape just doesn't isn't sticking properly.  If anything, I can paint them whatever colors/designs I want and then stick them up, but they'll do the job for now!

Yoobi Composition/Spiral Notebook - $.68 each / Binder - $1.28 / Dividers - $1.28
I love pink.  I want to own everything that comes in pink and is stationery. I'm not ashamed to admit it.  Yoobi is a pretty cute brand, and since these all matched I figured they'd be perfect to use for one of my college classes, or for my blog, or whatever I else I might feel like!
Did I need more dividers? No. Did I buy them just in case? Of course.

Hair Bands - $3
These are seriously so cute!  They don't slip at all, and are in my favorite color scheme right now! The knots do get a little uncomfortable if you wear it all day, so I readjust it once in a while, but other than that, love it!

Avery Glitter Dividers - $1.05
Avery is one of those brands you hear of, and you think is really pretty, but unless you can afford to spend $4 on binders, notebooks, or dividers, you're looking elsewhere. Glitter is a staple, so I am so excited about these dividers! (It's kind of weird saying that.. there are better things to get excited about.)

Koozies - $1
Just look at them. Need I say more?

Paper Clips - $1
You can never have too many cute supplies!

Pencils - $1 each
I'm not usually a pencil person, especially not wooden pencils but ohmygosh read them. The pastel ones have the days of the week and the black ones have cute little whatever sayings on them. There was no turning back.

Wow, what a haul.  I could have bought even more, too! They had a ton of super cute Halloween decorations, but when I went back the other day they were all out!  How am I supposed to decorate my desk for Halloween now?

Do you guys shop at Target?  Let me know!

Hugs and Kisses,
The Cornfed Princess

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