Friday, September 18, 2015

NatureBox: September 2015

Hey guys! So, look at what arrived on my doorstep today!!

It's my first Naturebox!

What is Naturebox? 
Naturebox is a subscription service that offers healthy snacks!  You can choose between 3 and 5 snacks and a frequency of one week, two weeks, or a month at a time. It costs $13.95 for 3 snacks and $19.95 for 5 snacks per box. The best part? Your first box is totally free! Check it out!

What's in My Box This Month?

Whole Wheat Chocolate Animal Cookies

"We started with a classic animal cookie and gave it an updated spin with premium ingredients including whole-wheat flour, cocoa powder and unsweetened chocolate.  These perfectly chocolaty, perfectly crunchy Animal Cookies deliver the right amount of sweetness with a healthy dose of nostalgia."

Not going to lie, these are the snacks I was most excited to try!  And believe me, they do NOT disappoint!  Just pour a glass of milk and you are totally set.  The chocolate flavor isn't overwhelming and they taste just like a regular animal cracker/cookie, so you can't even tell they're good for you!  They also come in the shape of cows, sheep, pigs, and horses.

Toasted Cheddar Stix

"When your little one is in a picky eating mood try serving up this savory and toasty snack for a treat.  Crunchy, appropriately cheesy and in the form of little sticks that can be easily grabbed by little hands, your kids will look forward to snack time every time.  Pair this with a fun sippy cup for delightful presentation!"

Opening the bag, you get a super strong whiff of sesame. Eating them is the exact same way.  There is not a very strong cheese flavor; it's a LOT of sesame all the time.  They're not the most appetizing looking, but they still taste pretty good. If you're not a huge fan of the sesame taste, however, definitely skip these.

Double Berry Fruit Peels

"Raspberries and wild blueberries come together in our individually wrapped Double Berry Fruit Peels - a totally updated spin on a classic snack.  Naturally sweetened and perfectly chewy, this flavorful treat is sure to be berry-o-peeling!  Stash these in your bag for the ideal on-the-go snack."

The bag comes with 5 of the fruit strips, and they're a standard sized fruit peel.  They taste just like you'd expect; very strongly like berry.  I wasn't a huge fan of the fact that they were pretty sticky to the touch. If you're going to snack on these, keep them in the wrapper and hold that, otherwise your fingers are going to get pretty gross.

Chocolate Banana Chips

"When you're in search of a sweet treat, look no further than these Chocolate Banana Chips!  Crispy, chocolaty, with just the right amount of ripe-banana sweetness, you'll love this snack mixed into yogurt for a homemade parfait, or straight out of the bag."

Banana chips are always super hit or miss with me.  A lot of the time, they're either too sweet or completely bland. This chip, however, has become my favorite.  It is banana sweet without being overwhelming, and surprisingly the chocolate does not make it too sweet at all. It adds the right balance and makes these an incredible treat.

Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps 
 "When nothing but a savory crunch will do, these Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps will save you from an unwanted trip to the vending machine. Nosh on them at your desk or in the car, or sneak them into the movie theater.  Snack on them on their own or coarsely crumble them over salads!"

I made a major mistake when I picked these; I forgot that I do NOT like the taste of Asiago at all.  It's too strong of a flavor for me to be by itself, and in this crisp it way overwhelms the cheddar taste.  However, I may have to try their tip of crumbling it over a salad.  

I'm kind of torn on if I'm happy with this box or not.  I really loved the chocolaty snacks, but didn't care for the fruit or crisps/stix.  While the chocolate was great, I'm not sure if those two snacks make up for the $20 box. 

What do you think of the snacks? Do they look or sound tasty? Have you tried any of them before?  Let me know!

Hugs and Kisses,
The Cornfed Princess

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