Saturday, November 14, 2015

KawaiiBox: September 2015

Guys, what I am about to show you may be the cutest thing ever.
It's called KawaiiBox! For those who don't know, Kawaii means cute in Japanese, so I'm really not joking when I at least say cute!

What is KawaiiBox?
Kawaiibox is a monthly subscription service in which you receive 10-12 items from Korea & Japan that include candy, stationery, and other cute items!  It costs $18.90 per month, however, you can choose to subscribe for 3, 6, and 12 months and get the box for cheaper. Shipping is free no matter where you are, too. Does it sound like fun? Go check it out!

Here's my super cute product list!  I am seriously in love with everything that I got.
Look at this box!  It is stuffed full of cute little products and food and makes me happy just looking at it!

Enough of that, let's get onto the actual products!

Kabaya Fish Gummies
If I wasn't so into eating everything in the first five minutes of receiving it, I might have saved this super cute packaging! As it stands, I just had to try these authentic Japanese candies.
Okay first of all, these look so weird.  The little white looking one is like an egg, the pinky one to the left is like a.. fish embryo?  And the yellow one is a full grown fish.  The texture of these isn't quite like a regular gummy in the United States.  It's a little softer and less chewy.  I was going to save some for another sitting but I ended up eating the whole package. No regrets.

Kawaii Foods Sticker Set
I was really hoping for stickers because ohmygosh Japanese stickers is so cute!  These are a little like puffy stickers, and there's quite a few on the sheet!  Just look at those little faces on it all!  They would be great to decorate a planner or just brighten up a journal page.

Moomin Mini Pouch
So I'm just going to assume that Moomin is the name of the character on this little pouch, because I have no clue otherwise!  This pouch is really small, smaller than my palm, so I'm really not sure what I could use it for.  I'll probably give it to my little sister and she can use it as a little money holder or a place to put tiny toys.

Fragrance Beans
These smell a little bit like apple, candy, and cucumbers.  It seems like such a weird combination but it's really quite lovely.  The jar is tiny and I honestly don't know what to do with them, but they make some cute, colorful decor!

Cute Animal Greeting Card
Words cannot describe how much I love this!  I am a bit of a thank you card hoarder (I have a ton), but I am definitely not one to turn them away, especially not when they're this adorable! 

Neck Stretching Bunny Pen

Okay, so this is definitely the product I've gotten the most use out of for sure.  It has a .35 tip, which means it's a super thin line when you write, and I use this pen exclusively in my planner.  I'm not really sure about the cap though; the bunny doesn't look happy at all, and it's neck looks broken..

Kawaii Toast Squishy Chariti
This feels just like memory foam, but even softer!  And that face is just too adorable for words!  It's on a keychain, and it's so light that it wouldn't weigh your keys down at all!  Unfortunately since it is such a soft material, I feel like if you're rough with your keys at all or throw them into a full purse, this little guy would start ripping.

DIY Bracelet Kit
Another item I think I'll be giving my little sister as a present!  The beads are super cute, but I'm not really into wearing bracelets or doing DIY's of them.

Alpaca Pouch
I can definitely promise I'll be using this as a makeup bag or pencil pouch!  It is pretty darn big, and super cute!  The material for this feels pretty sturdy, so I wouldn't be worried about throwing it into my purse and it ripping or anything like that.

Cute Egg Mini Plush
Not sure what to do with this, honestly!  It's cute and all but it might be yet another present for my little sister.  It's got a little chain too, so it could also go on a key chain!

Caplico Mini Ice Cream Candy
The final thing in the box for me was this cute little ice cream cone shaped candy!
It tasted like chocolate, but also kind of flaky. I'm trying to think of a candy equivalent here in the states but there's not one coming to mind currently!

While this is definitely a cute box, I'm not sure if it's quite worth almost $20 a month.  If I were to spend that much, I'd rather get a more expensive beauty box or a candy specific box (because I love me some food).  I forgot to cancel my subscription though, so I'll be getting the October box as well! I hope it's Halloween themed, because I just love Halloween!

What do you guys think? Do the snacks look good? How would you improve the box? Would you continue to buy it? Let me know!

Hugs and Kisses,
The Cornfed Princess

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