Monday, January 2, 2017

My 2017 Goals and Resolutions

Hey guys!

Today I really wanted to share with you the goals I've set for myself for 2017!  It's definitely quite a few, but they're things I really, really want to push myself to do!  If nothing else, I have them as a way to at least get myself thinking about what I want to do and if it's something I really want to push myself for or not.

If I had to pick a single word to to describe what I want to get out of this year, it's "less". I know, this seems like a weird word to pick, but I'm thinking about the sheer amount of stuff I have. Makeup, samples, stationery, clothing, shoes, books, the list goes on and on.  This year I want to work on downsizing my collection of everything before I buy more of it. This means less impulse buying, more focused shopping.  If I find something I really want or need I'll get it, but other than that if I don't need it, I won't get it. 

I categorized my goals into a few different sections, to make it a little easier to see what exactly I wanted.

Personal Goals
Read 60 books in a year.
In 2016, I tried to set a goal of reading 100 books, and I think that was a little too lofty for me.  I had a lot of things change, and didn't make the proper time for reading. This year, I'm going to drop the goal by 40 books, and I don't have moving across states to deal with, which will help with a lot less stress. I really want to make this happen, though, because my bookshelf is beyond full!

Finish all items in project use it up.
If you looked at my Project Pan & Use it Up Post from November, you'll recognize what this is and probably understand why it's a goal of mine. I want to use up all the items I got in 2015 so they don't get too old before I use them completely!

Read one chapter a day.
I know that one chapter isn't going to do it for finishing off 60 books, but I want to make sure I'm taking just a little bit of time each day to relax and enjoy being in another world, especially if it's been a stressful day for me.

Continue to track finances.
I need to make sure I know where my money is going, and watch what I'm spending. As I move into a more independent place of residence, I need to make sure I know where it is so that I'm not caught off guard!

Create more DIY decorations.
Instead of buying things, I want to make more of them.  Also, I just really love being crafty! I see things on Pinterest and just want to recreate them.  There are 5 specific crafts I want to accomplish this year, so you'll be seeing them if I do! I'd like to create at least: a DIY travel photo map, a motivational notebook, a crayon melt, a memories album, and a dream journal. If I see others I want, I'll add them too!

Read ALL stories in FF folder.
I have stories people have written in a folder on my email, and this year I want to read all of them!  That way, I won't have emails from 2014(!) still sitting and waiting to be read.

Clean out my Pinterest.
I've had my Pinterest for a few years, and I've posted quite a bit on it.  This year, I want to clean up each board, delete double pins, change captions that don't fit, get rid of pictures I don't want, etc. If you've gone to my Pinterest, you'll know I have quite the sizable amount of pins, so it's definitely a year long task.  I know I'll feel so much better after it's done, though!

Complete one reading challenge.
Listed on my GoodReads are some different challenges a few groups I'm in think of.  If a challenge sounds interesting, I'll join it and try to read books that fit it and complete it!  For example, there's a "Title Challenge" where you read 26 books that's title starts with A-Z, but it has to be a different letter for each one. I want to complete at least one of these challenges this year!

Empty YouTube folder.
I have a folder on my email where I put all the video emails I get from YouTube. This year, I want to go through the emails I have in it and delete the videos I don't want to watch and watch the ones I do.  The catch is I have a lot of emails, but I think I can do it! 

School Goals
Get A's in every class.
I know that this is a lofty goal as well, and that grades don't matter that much, but I really want to make this work!  It's motivating for me to have a lofty goal to work towards, because even if I don't quite reach it, I still am going to have good grades.

Attend class regularly.
I know that this seems pretty obvious, and it really is, but I still want it on here as a reminder.  Attending class is one of the easiest ways to ensure you understand what you're learning, so I want to make sure I'm showing up. Also, the further I get into classes for my business majors, the more class work is done in class, and you don't get points when you're not there.

Finish homework when it is assigned.
This is a big one for me!  I want to make sure to get my homework done at a reasonable time instead of procrastinating on it like I always do.  Even if it doesn't get done the second I'm free, I want to make sure I'm not waiting until the last minute to do it so that I actually get something out of it and can ask questions if I have them instead of just guessing.

Fitness Goals
Squat 160 pounds.
I'm a little intimidated by this one, but I think I can do it if I just push myself!  I'm starting out with squatting 100 pounds, so I just have to add 60 pounds over 12 months, which really wouldn't be too hard.  That's only 5 pounds a month!

Be able to do the splits.
This has been a goal of mine for quite some time now, so I want to make 2017 the year that I get it done.  I'll be looking up a safe routine and stretching every day until I can do the splits and feel comfortable!

Work out 3x a week.
This is a habit I've been meaning to make happen for a while as well.  Fitness is something I want to get in the habit of now, so that when I'm older and my metabolism doesn't work quite so well I won't suffer nearly as bad.  Also, working out is just good for you and fun anyway! I want to make it happen.

Do a daily food log. 
I want to pay attention to what I eat as well as how much water I'm taking in, and this is the perfect way to do it! I'll probably work my way slowly up to doing it by recording water, then one meal a day, then another and another until I'm recording everything I'm taking in.

Career Goals
Become a Rho Gamma.
One of the biggest goals I have is to become a Rho Gamma, or someone who disaffiliates from her sorority to help potential new members find a sorority they'll fit with. I really hope to have the opportunity to do that, so it's a goal for me!

Be fun/points/PR/lifestyle chair.
I don't want to be chair for all of these positions, but I want to be chair for at least one!  They're various spots in my sorority that have different responsibilities. 

Create an event for College of Business Dean's Advisory Board.
I think I've already accomplished this goal, and 2017 just started! I have an event that I'm in the works of making happen right now, but I won't call this one done until I can make this event actually happen.

Well, that's everything so far!  There are smaller things I come up with here and there, but these are the most important ones I want to accomplish.

I really hope that by seeing the plans I've laid out for this year, you guys can get an idea of what you want to do with your own 2017!  Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about help establishing goals or tracking them!  I'm hoping to have a small series devoted to setting goals, tracking them, and accomplishing them this year.  

What do you think?  Are you inspired to make your own goals happen this year? Let me know!

Hugs and Kisses,

The Cornfed Princess

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